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People often ask us if our swords are real.

To answer that question in very simple terms a real sword should possess the following qualities.

The blade of  a real sword needs to be made from a high carbon steel. The sword blade is tempered and heat treated to a flexible spring steel. This provides flexibility and shock absorption characteristics.

* The tang, which holds the sword’s grip and pommel, should be a full tang which is an extension of the sword blade.
* A real sword also requires a good solid hilt, handgrip, guard and pommel.

* A real sword should also be able to perform the function for which it was designed.

Any of our swords that fit these qualities are considered to be a real sword.

To help our customers choose a sword that fits their needs we have listed our interpretation of terms below.

Functional Swords
- Swords designed to serve a particular purpose. Cutting Practice, Demonstrations and Blunted for Re-enactment or Stage use.

Battle Ready Swords
- Museum Quality Swords that are designed and created from Historical Specifications and tempering techniques. These swords perform like original swords.

Faire Quality Swords
- Swords designed to be tough enough to wear to a medieval or renaissance fair or other event. They can be stuck in the ground, bashed together, won’t fall apart in the rain and look good all at the same time.

Decorative Swords
 - Swords for display. Many of these types of swords are made from stainless steel.

LARP Swords
- Made from foam latex with a fiber rod core these types of swords are used for Live Action Role Playing Games.

Economy Swords
- Lower priced swords made from various types and grades of steel for use as decorations only.

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