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Measurement Chart for our Custom Historical Clothing 


You may either write your measurements in the "Measurements and General Information section" during the check-out process from our shopping cart, or print (Right Click on your mouse and choose Print) this page and fax or mail it to us.

It is best to use a cloth or tailors measuring tape and it's easier if you have someone assist you.

For the best fit you should wear the under garments that you will be wearing under your period clothing.
Not all measurements are necessary for each clothing item, however please try to choose the relevant ones. If in doubt please fill in all measurements.



8a total height
8b head circumference: at forehead - measure across forehead and back of head. If you are going to wear a wig, measure including it, or add 4-5 inches
8c neck circumference: measure across lower part underneath the larynx
8d chest circumference (breath in): in front across the breasts, under arms, in the back a little higher (approx. 2inches above the front level)
8e waist circumference: (approx. 2-3inches above the front hip bone); for "robust frames", please note your maximum circumference across your belly
8f circumference across hip bones: approx. 2-3inches below the bellybutton
8g thigh circumference: flexed muscle across the widest area
8h knee circumference: across light bent knee joint
8i calf circumference: across flexed calf muscle
8j ankle circumference: across the joint
8k inner leg length: from crotch to the bottom; stand with legs spread
8l length of the pants leg or skirt: from waistline to the bottom. If you are going to wear shoes, put the shoes on before measuring!
8m upper arm circumference: across flexed biceps with arm bent
8n elbow circumference: with a slight bent arm
8p wrist circumference: across the joint
8q shoulder width: from the highest shoulder area (at neck) to the middle of the shoulder joint
8r arm length: measure from out outside with a slightly bent arm from the middle of shoulder joint to the wrist
8s front chest width: from armpit across chest to armpit
8t front torso length: from the hole between collarbones, between breasts down to the waistline
8u chest height: from the highest shoulder part at neck down to the middle of the breast
8v back length: from lowest neck vertebra down to the waistline
8w back width: from armpit across shoulder blade to armpit
8x garment length: from lowest neck vertebra down to the desired garment length (used for coats, dresses, jackets, ... ) If you are going to wear shoes, put these on before measuring!
8y Depth of the seat: sitting on a solid chair / bench, measure from the waistline down to the sitting level
8z side torso length: sitting on a solid chair / bench, measure from the armpit to the waistline, upright posture

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