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M1 Garand Dummy Rifle

Our M1 Garand Dummy Rifle is a non-firing replica and hard to tell from an original from a few feet away...it's that good! This legendary and dependable rifle made a name for itself in hands of U.S. Soldiers and Marines throughout World War II, but especially during the island-hopping campaigns of the Pacific. The bolt can be pulled back, the hammer is cocked and the bolt springs forward. The trigger can be pulled and the hammer slams forward. Everything else is there for looks only.

Made from walnut finished hardwood and blackened metal. Add your own sling (#803133) and you are ready to go! Great for world war two re-enactors.

Overall: 43-1/2 inches long
Wt: 7 lbs 4 oz

At this time our bayonets do not fit this item.

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