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Marto Wallace Sword M590

The Marto Wallace Sword is named for the legendary Scottish hero who battled the English for control of his native land at the end of the 13th century. Sir William Wallace, one of Scotland's outstanding national heroes, had a price placed on his head by the English for killing one of their own. Refusing to accept the treaty signed by the Scottish nobles in 1297 by which Scotland submitted to English rule. William Wallace captured several fortresses and inflicted a severe defeat on the English forces in September of 1297, after which he was proclaimed Regent. In 1298 King Edward I invaded Scotland and defeated Wallace's army, forcing him to flee to France. When Wallace later returned to his native Scotland, he was captured, tried for treason and executed.They can take away our lives, but they will never rob us of our Freedom. In 1314, Scottish patriots, starving and outnumbered, attacked the fields of Bannockburn. They fought like warrior poets. They fought like Scots. And they won their freedom forever. This two handed Scottish William Wallace Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain is just like the one used by Mel Gibson throughout the Braveheart™ movie, and much like the one used by Sir William Wallace during the Middle Ages. This massive double handed sword is an Early Scottish Claymore and almost four and a half feet long with a leather covered ricasso to provide the leverage necessary to wield the weapon at close quarters. The Wallace Sword is a must for those who trace their ancestry to the highlands. The Marto Wallace Sword has a forged and fully tempered stainless steel blade that has been polished. This sword blade will not rust and does not require any care. With over 47 years of experience you can be assured that your Marto sword is one of the finest decorative swords available on the market today. Overall 52"


  • Overall Length: 133 cms - 52 inches
  • Blade: Tempered AISI 440 Stainless Steel
  • Handle: Zamak - Leather wrapped handgrip

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