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Clam Bells, Brass, Plain, 100 Count

Enhance your costumes and add a touch of authentic charm with our Clam Bells, Brass, Plain, 100 Count. These delightful brass bells are perfect for various applications, from historical reenactments to festive attire.

Each bell is crafted from high-quality brass and features a simple, timeless design. Measuring 3/4" x 1", these bells are small enough to be discreet yet substantial enough to make a delightful sound. With a count of 100, you'll have plenty of bells to bring your creative visions to life.

The plain brass finish exudes a classic elegance that complements a wide range of costumes and outfits. Attach them to clothing, accessories, or decorative elements to evoke a sense of tradition and whimsy. Let the sweet jingle of these bells fill the air as you move, adding a joyful and festive touch to your ensemble.

Weight: 2 lbs.
Length: 0.75 Inches
Height: 0.75 Inches
Width: 0.75 Inches

Unleash your creativity and explore the countless possibilities with our Clam Bells, Brass, Plain, 100 Count. Whether you're crafting a historical costume or adding flair to a festive outfit, these brass bells are sure to bring a touch of enchantment and delight to your creations.

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