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Zombie Hunter Green Katana and Scabbard - Carbon Steel Blade

Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse with the Zombie Hunter Green Katana, your ultimate undead-fighting companion. Crafted for resilience and style, this katana boasts a 27” carbon steel blade with a striking black finish, accented by green silk painting and "Zombie Hunter" in bold white lettering.

The wooden handle, traditionally wrapped in neon cord, ensures a secure grip, while the square tsuba features a black finish with a distinctive green biohazard logo, adding to its apocalyptic charm. With an overall length of 40 1/2”, this katana seamlessly slides into a wooden scabbard. The scabbard, with a textured black finish, proudly displays a green biohazard logo, completing the look.

When facing the undead, trust in the Zombie Hunter Green Katana's quality construction and menacing design. It's not just a sword; it's your ticket to survival in a world overrun by zombies.

* The friend you need when the Zombie Apocalypse happens because everyone knows that a katana is the best weapon again the Undead
* The sword has a 27” carbon steel blade with a black finish with green silk painting and “Zombie Hunter” in white
* The wooden handle is traditionally wrapped in neon cord and the square tsuba is black with a green biohazard logo
* The 40 1/2” overall katana slides smoothly into a wooden scabbard with a black, textured finish and a green biohazard logo

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