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Blackthorn Walking Stick - 59 Inches

The Blackthorn Walking Stick is a tribute to the revered Blackthorn bush, renowned in Ireland and the British Isles for its exceptional quality as a material for premium walking sticks. Traditionally, Blackthorn sticks were also utilized as Irish Shillelaghs, serving as formidable weapons in skilled hands.

Crafted from a mold based on an original piece from a private collection, this walking stick is made from high impact polypropylene, combining durability with aesthetic appeal. Unlike natural materials, it is resistant to cracking, warping, swelling, and splintering, ensuring long-lasting use. Moreover, it is easy to clean when necessary.

With dimensions of 59 inches and a weight of 48 ounces, this walking stick provides a solid and substantial feel. It features a 2.75-inch head, a 1-inch base, and a 1.375-inch neck, showcasing its robust construction and attention to detail. Whether for practical use or as a collector's item, the Blackthorn Walking Stick embodies both strength and elegance.

Overall Length: 59"
Head: 2-3/4"
Base: 1''
Neck: 1.375''
Weight 48 oz

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