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Greek Brass Sauroter Spear Buttcap

The Greek Brass Sauroter Spear Buttcap is a finely crafted accessory made from brass. It is designed to be attached to the end of a wooden pole.

With an overall length of 12 7/8 inches and weighing 7.3 ounces, this butt cap is suitable for use in battle re-enactments and other historical events. It is a battle-ready accessory that adds authenticity to your Greek-inspired spear.

The Greek Sauroter Spear Buttcap is an essential component for completing the look of your spear and enhancing the historical accuracy of your Greek warrior persona. Embrace the culture and tradition of ancient Greece with this high-quality brass butt cap.

A socketed piece to be fitted to a tapered spear haft, the diameter of the circumference is approximately 1 1/16 (2.69 cm).

Overall Length 12 7/8''
Weight 7.3 oz
Type Butt Cap
Class Battle Ready
Culture Greek 

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