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Furdess Helm – 16 Gauge

This Furdess Helmet is similar in design to a typical Norman helmet, featuring a rounded crown with a central ridge that has been reinforced along the helm's transverse. The helm does come to a subtle point atop the crown, which serves to help divert blows down along the side of the helm, instead of letting them strike squarely atop the head. Instead of a simple nose guard, though, this helmet features an impressive looking full-face mask with half-circle eye-holes, as well as several small breathing holes across the bottom of the mask. The sides of the helmet also feature hinged protectors that hang over the ears and the sides of the head, for added benefit, although most of the helm's protective features are focused towards the front.

Key Features

  • Made from 16 Gauge Steel
  • Reinforced Ridge Adds Strength to the Helm
  • Features A Distinctive and Unique Steel Face Mask
  • Also Features Protective Hinged Flaps Along the Side

  • Please note: Helmet stand sold separately

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