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Viking Jarl Sword - Damascus Blade

This Viking Sword has an immaculately crafted hilt with fine details cast in quality bronze. The pommel is a two-piece construction consisting of a pommel base which houses and anchors the blade tang. This base is fitted over with a pommel cap which is dual riveted to the base to create a solid and secure hilt construction.

The blade is forged from damascus steel and is composed of different steel types melded into a single blade by a skillful swordsmith - the elaborate patterning on the blade is proof to this merging of steels. Historical Viking swords often had blades composed of mixed steels which also created complex patterns. To complete the sword, the wooden grip is overlaid in quality leather. The sword is paired with a leather-bound wooden scabbard with finely-cast bronze fittings to match its companion sword. A suspension loop of bronze allows the sword and scabbard to be worn with a belt or baldric.

* Cast Bronze Hilt
* Damascus Steel Blade
* Riveted and Threaded Pommel Cap
* Complete with leather covered scabbard
* Finely-cast bronze Scabbard fittings match and complement hilt

Overall Length: 38-5/16''
Blade Length: 31-1/4''
Grip: 4''
P.O.B.: 4-3/4''
Thickness: 4.3mm - 4.7mm
Width: 41.7 mm
Edge: Unsharpened
Pommel: Threaded - Riveted
Weight: 3 lb 8.5 oz

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