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P08 Luger Hardshell Holster Black - Collector Grade

Improved version of our German WWII P08 Luger Holster. The collector's grade replica of the WWII Luger hard shell holster comes in high quality black full grain leather. Correct in all respects including the use of natural leather with white stitching as originally issued. It comes with correct spare magazine pocket on side and take-down tool compartment on the inside of the hardshell cover. Marked P08. Includes Makers Mark.

Key Features:
* WWII German Reproduction
* Full Grain Leather
* Marked P08
* German Markers Marks
*New* Thicker Thread
*New* Correct Stitching on Belt Loops
*New* Correct Tool Pocket
*New* Correct (C) Cut on Magazine Pocket
*New* Exposed Stitching Inside Holster

Please note: Stripping tool sold separately

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