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Latex Katana Foam Sword for LARP

Latex Katana Foam Sword for LARP is similar to the Japanese samurai katana sword and intended for LARP. The katana is known for its efficiency and durability and is the trusted weapons for the samurai, ninja or any other Asian style larp character you wish to play.

It is 33 ½ inches long in total with a 24 inch long slightly curving blade. It has a large oval cross-guard and a long handle which can be used one or two handed.

* Closed Cell Foam / Does Not Shred
* Kevlar Core Tip Protection
* Round Flexible Glass Fiber Core
* Strong Outer Coating
* Weather Resistant
* Most Durable Foam Available

Overall Length: 33.5 inches (85cm)
Blade Length: 24 inches (61cm)
Blade Material: Foam

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