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Chainmail Bra and Loincloth Set

Fantasy lands and mythical realms will be your battleground when you wear this daring Chainmail Bra and Loincloth. Made from supple, black, genuine suede leather, this two-piece mail armor ensemble is sure to grab the attention at just about any event. This outfit consists of an attractive fitted bra and matching loincloth skirt, both of which have had 16-gauge steel mail hand sewn onto the front and rear. Both pieces use braided leather to tie together and allow for a range of flexibility in sizing. Black only. Available in sizes S/M (sizes 4-10) or L/XL (sizes 12-16).

Key Features:
Butted, 16 Gauge Steel Rings
Flexible Range of Sizing
Real Black Suede Leather

S/M (sizes 4-10)
L/XL (sizes 12-16)

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