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Sword of the Freemasons

Throughout history, swords have been used at every great event and have become imbued with great symbolism. This unique Freemason Masonic Sword contains a great many of the symbols used in the craft, particularly the compass and set-square, the plumb line and the hammer, the sacred book and the eye of the Supreme Being and the five-pointed star inscribed with the capital “G” of the Great Architect. “WHAT YOU MAKE MAKES YOU”.  The Freemasonry Masonic Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain has a tempered stainless-steel blade. The hilt is cast metal with 24K gold plated inlays, depicting symbols of the masonic tradition. The hand grip is inlaid with blue velvet, while the disk-shaped pommel frames a five-pointed star intertwined with a “G” in 24K gold. This is a high-quality product made in Toledo Spain by Marto which you can proudly display with honor. Display use: intended for wall decor, displays, home or office decor or for costume.

Key Features:
Made of Tempered Stainless Steel
Not Battle Ready
Makes an impressive piece of historical home decor.

Overall Length: 47 1/2 Inches
Blade Length: 35 Inches
Blade Width: 2 Inches
Blade Thickness: 1/4 of an Inch
Weight: 6 lbs. 8 oz.

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