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Egyptians vs Romans Chess Set - A Clash of Ancient Empires

Step back in time and witness the clash of two mighty ancient empires with our Egyptians vs Romans Chess Set. This captivating set features a 17 x 17 inch glass board that serves as the battleground for these historic adversaries. Each chess piece is meticulously crafted from cold cast resin, standing approximately 3.75 inches tall, and hand-painted to bring the characters to life.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of Egypt and Rome as you engage in thrilling chess matches. The chess pieces represent iconic figures from both civilizations, showcasing their distinct attire, weaponry, and characteristics. Strategize your moves as you lead pharaohs, warriors, chariots, and legionnaires into battle.

Experience the excitement of this timeless game with a historical twist. The Egyptians vs Romans Chess Set allows you to recreate legendary conflicts and rewrite history with every move. Display it proudly as a symbol of the enduring legacies of these ancient civilizations, or engage in epic chess matches that combine intellect, strategy, and the fascinating narratives of Egypt and Rome.

Whether you're a chess enthusiast, history buff, or simply drawn to the allure of ancient civilizations, this chess set promises hours of engaging gameplay and serves as a captivating centerpiece for your collection. Unleash your tactical skills, immerse yourself in the mysteries of the past, and let the battle of Egyptians vs Romans unfold on the chessboard.

Dimensions: 17" X 17" X 3.75"
Chess Pieces: Cold Cast Resin
Chess Board: Glass
Weight Approximately: 5.6 lbs

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