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Leather Covered Medieval Barbute Helmet - 15th Century

The Leather Covered Medieval Barbute Helmet is fully functional and comes with your choice of steel thicknesses. During the middle ages much of plate armor was covered in cloth, leather or painted to help prevent rust.

The barbute is an Italian designed helmet from the 15th century but its roots can be traced back to ancient Greece and its development may have been influenced by a growing interest at the time in artifacts of the ancient world. These medieval helmets were popular throughout Europe and offered an alternative to the more restrictive sallet helmet. They were open faced, had no visor, fitted closely to the head and neck and the sides often extended almost to the shoulders and round in front of the face. The extended sides protected the neck and jaw, dispensing with the need for a separate bevor or gorget.

Each piece is fully functional, battle ready and will perform just as well as the originals. European groups have been using these helmets in live steel/re-enactments for years.

* Covered in Black Leather
* Choice of Steel Thickness
* Authentic Styling
* Custom or Standard Sizing
* Choice of Inner Padding

Small: 22 inches
Medium: 22 3/4 inches
Large: 23 1/2 inches
X Large: 24 1/2 inches
XX Large: 25 inches
Custom Made to Your Measurements - See Below

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece

Hand made to order. Shipping time is normally between 4 to 12 weeks.

Armor Measurements Requires 1a through 1j
SKU#: 25-100125
MSRP: $475.00

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  • S 22 inches
  • Padded Cloth Liner
  • 1.3mm (17 g a)
  • Brushed Finish
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