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US M3 Leather Shoulder Holster for M1911A1 .45 - Russet WWII Repro

US M3 Leather Shoulder Holster for M1911A1 .45 is the standard U.S. military shoulder holster for the 1911 45. This holster will fit anything close in size to the 1911, Beretta 92, medium size Glocks and similar guns. Used from WWII through Vietnam for Pilots, Aircrews, Officers and Tank crews. The main difference between the M3 and M7 Holsters is the extra strap on the M7.

Ours is a New Made Item, Stamped "US" on the front of the holster and is constructed of full grain cowhide leather. This excellently made Shoulder Holster Rig comes in the correct war era russet brown with steel fixtures including U.S. Military Spec lift-the-dot and pull-the-dot closures. An extra wide leather piece on the shoulder strap helps add comfort. Our chest strap is extra long to accommodate up to a 58 inch chest and has a snap hook for easy access. Right hand and Left hand draw available.

These fine M-3 reproductions are perfect for the re-enactor concerned with damaging their vintage collectible holster in the field.

* WWII U.S. M3 Reproduction
* Russet Color Full Grain Leather
* Stamped "US" on Holster
* New Made Item
* Steel Fixtures
* Lift-the-dot and Pull-the-dot Closures
* Extra long chest strap fits up to 58"
* Extra wide shoulder piece
* Right and Left Hand Draw Versions

Note: Perfect tight fit that will mold to your weapon after breaking in.
Note: Glock 19 and M1911 display only, not included.

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