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German 1933 SS Dagger with Scabbard WWII Repro

This German 1933 SS Dagger with Scabbard is a top quality high carbon steel production of the infamous Model 1933 SS service dagger. The M33 SS Dagger represents one of the most sought after blades to collect due to the fact that these daggers were issued to members of the most elite fighting force in the Third Reich. Complete with black wood grip and steel scabbard.

Key Features:
* WWII Reproduction SS Dagger
* High Carbon Steel Blade
* Black Wood Grip
* Steel Scabbard
* Museum Quality Dagger

Overall: 13-5/8"
Blade: 8-5/8"
Wt: 1 lb

Our company does not condone or support any extremist political ideologies past or present. We provide authentic uniforms, equipment and military products for historical collectors, re-enactors or theatrical productions only.

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