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Hal Leonard The Bodhran Book-CD by Steafan Hannigan

The Bodhran Book-CD by Steafan Hannigan is an essential guide for anyone looking to master the art of traditional Bodhran playing. Steafan Hannigan, a highly accomplished percussionist, provides detailed instruction on various Bodhran techniques, ensuring that beginners and seasoned players alike can benefit from his expertise. The book features a gentle and careful progression through the techniques, with numerous examples and exercises to help readers hone their skills.

Key features of "The Bodhran Book-CD" include:

Comprehensive Instruction: Hannigan covers all aspects of Bodhran playing, leaving no detail overlooked. From basic techniques to advanced methods, readers will learn a wide range of skills to enhance their playing.

Repertoire Pieces: The book includes a selection of repertoire pieces that add depth to the reader's playing. These pieces allow players to apply the techniques they've learned in a musical context.

Historical Context: Hannigan delves into the history of the Bodhran and Irish music, providing insight into the instrument's origins, construction, and significance within Irish culture. Readers will gain a deeper appreciation for the instrument and its role in traditional music.

Visual Aids: The book is enhanced with illustrations, photographs, and diagrams to aid in understanding the techniques and concepts presented. Visual learners will find these resources invaluable for mastering Bodhran playing.

Accompanying CD: A CD featuring demonstration tracks of all the pieces in the book, played by Hannigan himself, is included. This allows readers to hear examples of the exercises and pieces as they should sound, providing valuable auditory reinforcement.

The Bodhran Book-CD is part of the Music Sales America series and is published by Music Sales America. It is available in softcover format with a CD included, making it a comprehensive and accessible resource for aspiring Bodhran players. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, this book is sure to enhance your Bodhran playing skills and deepen your understanding of Irish music tradition.

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