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Mail Haubergeon Round Ring Riveted Aluminum

The Haubergeon or little hauberk refers to a Mail Shirt that was smaller and lighter than the full sleeved hauberk. Our Mail Haubergeon Riveted Aluminum is a Code 12, Short Sleeve mail shirt that reaches Mid Thigh, made to our specifications and sized to fit Americans. Hand crafted from Light Weight Aluminum (non-rusting) Riveted chainmail rings in the European 4 in 1 mail pattern. The chainmail rings have a 10mm inner diameter and are made with 16 gauge Riveted Aluminum. The sleeves are approximately 10 - 12" long and the maille shirt reaches about mid thigh depending on a person's build and the padded doublet worn underneath (as the midriff increases, the shorter the haubergeon). 

Available SIZES:
Small………40" Fits a 34" chest size measured over a gambeson
Medium…48" Fits a 40" chest size measured over a gambeson
Large…….50" Fits a 44" chest size measured over a gambeson
X-Large….60" Fits a 54" chest size measured over a gambeson
XXL……….66" Fits a 60" chest size measured over a gambeson 

Construction:  Dome Head Riveted.
Ring Type: Round Wire Rings
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Grey Anodized
Ring Internal Diameter: 10mm.

Key Features:

* Grey Anodized
* Aluminum
* Round Ring / Dome Head Rivet

Diameter: 10mm

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Dome Head Riveted Mail Codes 4,8 and 12

This style of mail is reasonably authentic to the early medieval period, particularly in the European flat ring (EFR) version. In steel this construction style has the advantage of strength, allowing it to be used for supervised weapons-contact re-enactment. More economical than wedge-riveted mail, the domed-head riveted style is available in steel, in round wire and flat ring versions, and in round wire aluminum. Riveted aluminum rings will maintain their integrity well but aluminum mail is not recommended for weapons contact. Construction is in the 4 in 1 pattern.

Era: Roman
MSRP: $599.00

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