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Duke of Saxony Armour

Our Duke of Saxony Armour is a functional copy from an existing Renaissance Suit of Armor dating from 1550. Expertly hand crafted this historic dished steel armour includes rolled and roped edges and heavy duty leather straps. This Functional Suit of Armour is made to measure so please include your measurements when ordering. You also have the choice of 16 or 17 gauge steel. Standard, Polished or Blackened Finish (for display only). The Saxony Armour includes Cabasset Helmet, Gorget, Breast Plate, Backplate, Pauldrons, Full Vambraces & Rerebraces (Arms), Articulated Elbow Cops, Mitten Gauntlets, Faulds, Articulated Tassets, Full Cuisses (legs) and enclosed Greaves with integral Sabatons. If you don't plan on wearing your harness in battle or joust no measurements will be required. Does not include sword.
Please note: Helmet may be exchanged for a different type.

Armor Measurements
SKU#: GH2001
MSRP: $5,175.00

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1. on 2/21/2019, said:
5 stars out of 5
This product proved to be excellent for my time of need. I was resting in my quarters when I was interrupted abruptly. My outrage had quickly turned into fear once I had discovered the source of my brisk awakening. If it had not been for this armour, I may not have survived to tell my tale.
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