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Conan Sword

Conan the Barbarian (also known as Conan the Cymmerian (Cimmerian), from the name of his homeland, Cimmeria) is a fictional character in books, comics and movies. Conan the Cymmerian is a hero, a well known and iconic figure in American fantasy, and the most famous barbarian in fiction. Conan the Cymmerian is often associated with the fantasy subgenre of sword-and-sorcery and heroic fantasy. Conan the Cymmerian was created by Texan writer Robert E. Howard in 1932 via a series of fantasy stories sold to Weird Tales magazine, the character has since appeared in licensed books, comics, films, television programs, video games, roleplaying games, and even a boardgame, all of which contribute to the hero's long-standing popularity.

Conan the Barbarian is also the name of a Gnome Press collection of stories published in 1954, a comic published by Marvel Comics beginning in 1970, and a film and its novelization in 1982.

The imposing Sword of Conan the Barbarian by Marto of Toledo Spain is the Officially Licensed Reproduction. The Conan the Barbarian sword has a tempered steel blade with a romboidal section and a large central fuller (blood groove). The pommel and quillons are made in 24K Gold plated metal, both ornamented with a circular green crystal inlays. The pommel, with a demon head shape, houses also three metal pointed stilets (daggers), while the quillons depict two lion heads. The handgrip is made in Sterling Silver plated metal wrapped by two little 24K Gold plated snakes. Each sword is provided with a certificate of authenticity.   

 Features •Certificate of Authenticity
•Overall Length: 135 cms - 53"
•Blade: Tempered AISI 440 Stainless Steel
•Handle: Zamak - 24K Gold and Silver Plated
•Officially Licensed Reproduction
SKU#: M-013
MSRP: $885.99

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