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Damascus Mini Knife Blade

This Damascus Mini Knife Blade Ladder Type. Damascus Ladder is the name of a particular technique, used to give spectacular designs on knife and sword blades. These designs are created by fusing different grades and types of steel together and manipulating the heated metal to produce particular patterns. Damascus steel, sometimes called "Pattern-welded steel", is the result of forging many layers of different steels and twisting, hammering, folding, and cutting to create different patterns in the steel. Each of our mini damascus knife blades is entirely hand-forged and no two pieces will be exactly the same. Making a piece of pattern welded steel requires skill and hours at the forge. These knife blades are all made as quality blades and the result is a quality piece of art that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Our Damascus Mini Knife Blades are made from carbon steels and folded 9 times for a total of 512 layers.


Overall 2.5"

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