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Italian Milanese Leather Armor BTS-2480

With all the fantasy and utilitarian leather armor on the market we've decided to offer a 15th century inspired harness of Italian Milanese Leather Armor for those who want to add an historical flair to their persona.

Milanese armor from the 15th century was characterized by smooth rounded lines and functionality. They were practical fighting suits which had upper and lower breastplates attached with vertical leather straps. They were usually worn with an Armet or Barbute (sold separately).

Our version of Italian Milanese Leather Armor was designed to provide a great deal of mobility. The separate pieces of the Full Arm Armor use arming points (ties in leather or cord) that can either attach the armor pieces together or tie them to your arming doublet or gambeson. The large Leather Pauldrons cover the shoulder and parts of the chest and back. They also make you look large and formidable! The leather Faulds (skirt) and Tassets are also completely articulated allowing you to bend over at the waist as well as sit down comfortably.

This complete Harness of Armor is available in your choice of SCA legal 13-15oz leather or lighter 8-10oz LARP weight.

The complete Italian Milanese Leather Armor includes:
· Leather Gorget (neck armor)
· Large Italian style Pauldrons (shoulder armor)
· Upper and lower Cannons (arm armor)
· Couter (Elbow armor)
· Leather Mitten Gauntlets (hand armor)
· Leather Cuirass (breast & back plates, plackart, articulated faulds)
· Tassets (thigh armor)
· Full Leather Legs (leg armor)
· Leather Sabatons (foot armor)
*Chain mail is NOT included

Armour Measurements 2A through 4K

Leather Color Samples

SKU#: BTS-2480
MSRP: $3,550.00

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