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Roosebeck Deluxe Knob Tipper

9" Three-knob tipper for the bodhran; gives the greatest volume of sound, most versatile. This tipper is our best seller because it is the most solid, and weighted in your hand. The tipper is swung back and forth against the head of a Bodhran to create lively rhythmic patterns. A tipper is also called a: bone, beater or cipin.

The comfort and grip for each tipper is unique. You can also expect different sounds from different styles of tipper. So try a few!

Weight: .1 lbs.
Length: 9.4 Inches
Height: 1.25 Inches
Width: 1.25 Inches

Note: Each tipper is made from solid wood and hand turned on a lathe. therefore the profiles of the ends may vary slightly from the photograph.

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