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Taiji Sword Classical Yang Style Book B036-744

Beyond the Barehand Form, beyond the Qigong, lies the elegant and effective Sword of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan)! With our Taiji Sword Classical Yang Style Book you will Learn to extend your Qi, enhance your Art, and refine your Self. This comprehensive guide contains not only the complete Taiji Sword Form and Taiji Sword Qigong Set, but also seldom taught swordfighting applications and matching exercises. More than just a how-to, this book also contains Theory, History, and a complete guide to Fundamentals all essential to building a deep understanding of this art which has long been considered the highest achievement in Taijiquan, as well as the most popular of the Taiji weapons styles.


* Strengthen and Relax your Body.
* Calm and Focus your Mind.
* Improve Your Balance.
* Develop Proper Taiji Breathing.
* Learn the Complete Sword Form and Taiji Sword Qigong
* Over 400 Photos with detailed instruction. This book is designed to complement the videotape Taiji Sword, Classical Yang Style, directed and performed by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. 224 pages, 250 illustrations, 7"x10"

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