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Nider Mormter Roman Helmet - Rat and Cheese

Our Nider Mormter Helmet with its Rat and Cheese designs is quite similar to the all-brass Niedermörmter Italic H, but it is made primarily of iron, with functional and decorative brass appliqués rendered in a style quite similar to the earlier Italic D. The occipital area is not quite as deep and the neck guard is less sloped; also, the brow guard or "peak" is rendered in an elaborate openwork design. The cross braces are brass, and a raised boss at the crown is fitted with a brass ring, probably intended for a "falling tail" horsehair plume. The original feature an intriguing decorative touch in applied brass in the two rear quarters of the bowl-- a tiny mouse and a round loaf of bread cut pizza-fashion into eight pieces. This curious motif has also been found on Praetorian tombstones and may indicate the helmet originally belonged to a Praetorian guardsman.

This Roman Niedermoermter Helmet is constructed from 18 gauge steel and brass accenting. The cheekplates are hinged and fitted with small rings to tie a chin strap onto (chin strap not included.) The interior of the helmet is blackened and unlined.

Front to Back: 7 inches
Side to Side: 7 1/2 inches
Interior Circumference: 25 inches
Weight: 5 lb 6 oz

Please Note: Helmet Stand is not included.

Also: It is common for these helmets to be tarnished. Its appearance can be greatly improved with a metal polish. Alternatively, scuff pads can be used to remove surface blemishes though the helm will be left with a brushed metal finish which may or may not be preferred.

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