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Celtic Helm Agen Type AH-6099

Celtic Helm Agen Type with shaped hinged cheek pieces. This type of Celtic Helmet has a knob at the helmets peak that could hold a variety of crests, feathers and horsehair plumes. The Celtic helmet design had a great influence on Roman armourers. Celtic Helmets were not issued as with the Roman army. A Celtic warrior had a helmet only if he bought one, or claimed one from the battlefield.

Our Gallic Celtic / Late Republican Roman Agen helmet is constructed from 18 gauge steel. The cheekplates are hinged and the interior of the helm is unlined and blackened. Included with the helm is a separate cotton padded arming cap.

Front to Back: 8 inches
Side to Side: 7 1/2 inches
Interior Circumference: 25 inches
Weight: 4 lb 10.9 oz

Please note: Helmet stand sold separately

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