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Greek Bell Muscle Armor

The Greek Hoplite Bell Muscle Cuirass, had a front and back plate - simply decorated in the form of the anatomy of the torso, with narrow embossed ridges around the arm holes, the waist and the hips. In the second half of the 6th century the bell cuirass declined in popularity and was superseded by the linen corselet as the basic hoplite body armor. However, the bronze cuirass continued in use and gradually evolved into the elegant muscled cuirass. It lasted until the end of the Roman era 1,000 years later, and became part of the uniform of senior officers.- Peter Connoly in his book Rome and Greece at War.

Our Greek Hoplite Bell Muscle Torso Armor is crafted from 18 gauge brass; the interior is blackened. The two halves of armor are fastened at the sides with hinges and pins that are supplemented by leather straps and brass buckles. Two pins secures the top of the armor into place.

20 inches in Length
Interior Circumference across chest is 49 1/2 inches
Fits Medium and Large Chest Sizes
Overall Length: 20''
Weight: 14 lbs
Gauge: [18 Gauge]
Type: Muscle Cuirass
Material: Brass
Culture: Greek
Manufacturer: Deepeeka

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