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Samnite Triple Disc Cuirass AH-6088B

Samnite Triple Disc Cuirass in Brass c. 300 BCE. This version is from a restored panoply from the Paestum Museum in Italy. Worn by the Samnite warriors during the Samnite Wars this cuirass would have been used in conjunction with an Attic helm and Greaves. The Samnite Wars were between the early Roman Republic and the tribes of Samnium. The most formidable competitors of the Romans in Italy were mountaineers who held the Apennines to the southeast of Latium. The wars lasted for over 50 years and involved almost all the states of Italy.

Dimensions: 13 1/4'' Tall x 13 7/8'' Wide
Type: Cuirass
Material: Brass
Culture: Roman
Manufacturer: Deepeeka

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