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Large Aluminum Singing Bowl with Striker & Cushion 45-RSMB6

Singing bowls are beautiful tools of meditation and spirituality, often used to help find focus and and to help dispel negative energies. This particular bowl has been beautifully sculpted of aluminum to portray an image of the Buddha at its heart, with Tibetan characters lining its sides. Strike it with the accompanying wooden striker to make it ring out sharply, with the vibration created said to help chase away negative energies, spirits, and similar such disruptions. For a more subtle sound, strike its edge and drag the felted tip gently around the vessel to creating a lingering resonance and vibration ideal for meditation and purification rituals. 

This singing bowl has been made of aluminum, giving it slightly different ringing characteristics than most brass or bronze singing bowls. It measures approximately 6" in diameter and 2 3/4" tall, and comes with a cloth cushion and a wooden striker with a felted tip.

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