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Medieval Arming Sword

Medieval Arming Sword with Brass guard and pommel with two tone wooden grip. This is an excellent hand-crafted reproduction of a medieval knight's arming sword -- basically the weapon that the knight would carry with him wherever he went. This sword was worn both for defense and as a symbol of the knight's rank. The knight would have held the sword as one of his prized possessions and would likely have asked the maker (or another smith) to engrave it with words and symbols that were sacred or important to him. This weapon would have been used primarily for slashing, although the acute point would have allowed the knight to thrust as well. The cross (hand guards) are fairly ornate, possibly indicating a late medieval style.

This Medieval sword has a blade forged from high carbon steel; the crossguard and pommel are brass and the grip is a composite of wood with a middle spacer of brass. The scabbard is wood wrapped in leather and completed with brass fittings. A matching dagger for this sword is available separately.

Overall Length: 39-1/2''
Blade: 32-11/16''
Blade: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Thickness: 3.9 mm - 3.1 mm
Width: 41.7 mm
Handle: 4-5/8''
POB: 9-1/2''
Edge: Unsharpened
Pommel: Threaded
Weight: 2 lb 4.9 oz

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