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The Last Wild Witch by Starhawk 72-LWW

The Last Wild Witch by Starhawk is a childrens' book by Starhawk, beautifully illustrated by Lindy Kehoe. An Eco-fable for Kids and Other Free Spirits. Winner of the 2010 Silver Nautilus Award. Illustrated by Lindy Kehoe, the poster comes from the pages of The Last Wild Witch book. 11x17.
In the very heart of the last magic forest lived the last wild Witch.
This is the story of how the children of the perfect town let a little wildness get inside them, found their joy and courage, and saved the last wild Witch and the last magic forest from disappearing. The Last Wild Witch is a fable for our time.

This story reminds us of the intuitive nature of children—their freedom of expression and deep passion for justice. We see these life-affirming instincts contrasted to oppressive, patriarchal values that have sanctioned the devastation of old growth forests and other natural environments. These kid heroes must follow their yet un-stifled inner voices, even if it means resisting control and disregard for the natural world by their parents and political town authorities. Empowered children can save the world, as indeed these children do.

The Witch, centered and mysterious, offers a magic brew of herbs, leaves and berries for restoring all beings—including fish, birds, forest animals, insects, plants, children and eventually adults—to their higher selves.

Both Geminis, Lindy in her first Saturn return and Starhawk entering her second, these women are brilliant in their creations as mission-living activists. The work they have created is an exciting new contribution to earth-loving literature for children of all ages. ISBN# 978-1-890931-59-9

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