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Celtic Bronze Sword

Our historical Celtic Bronze Sword, where craftsmanship and material choice echo the ancient traditions of Celtic weaponry. The blade, cast from bronze, is securely affixed to a cast bronze hilt using three bronze rivets in the guard.

While steel is commonly considered superior for bladed weapons, bronze boasts unique properties. Notably, bronze tends to bend rather than break, with many historical examples showcasing weapons that evolved in shape over time due to repeated sharpening. The cast bronze construction also offers a durable hilt, as it can be cast from a single solid piece, preventing any loosening of hilt fittings. Additionally, bronze exhibits resistance to corrosion, leading to well-preserved artifacts in the archaeological record.

Overall Length: 32-1/4''
Blade: 26-3/4''
Blade: Bronze
Thickness: 5.8 mm  - 5.3 mm
Width: 33.8 mm - 62.8 mm
P.O.B.: 6-7/8''
Edge: Blunt
Grip: 3.-3/4''
Pommel: N/A
Weight: 4 lbs 2.1 oz

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