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German Waffen SS Pullover Smock, 2nd Model

The German Waffen SS Smock or (Tarnjacken) was the most highly profiled camouflage jacket of WWII. The SS Smock was the first of its kind and was manufactured from 1938 through 1944 when it was replaced by the new 2 piece camouflage jacket and trouser uniform.

Our German Waffen SS Smock is a Model 1942 Type II Smock. This classic WWII smock features neck drawstring, two reversible front pockets with buttons, elastic waist and cuff bands. Oak leaf pattern camouflage in green Summer and completely reversible to brown Fall colors.

Includes vented armpits (not found on earlier smocks) and foliage loops sewn in sets of 3 on the shoulders and back. Dry clean recommended. Designed to be worn over your field tunic, these Waffen SS Smocks are Available in 3 sizes: Medium up to a 35" Chest, Large 36"-48", Chest and XL 49"-58" Chest. Great for a World War Two display or re-enactment.

***Please note, colors may vary due to monitor settings or the section of fabric your smock is made from***

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