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Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

Our Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife is a hand forged antique that has a genuine horn handle and dates from the 1800’s. Due to its' utilitarian looks and function, it was most likely carried in kukri pouches by the elite Royal Guard of Bhimsen Thapa. This original 1800's Gurkha Officer Patch Knife saw its' height of use during the muzzle loading era.  It is perfectly sized to cut away the excess patch material before loading. There is some variation between each as you would expect, but they are generally 7-3/4 Inches long with 3-1/4 inch blades and solid brass furniture. They are in generally good condition.

Key Features:
Hand Forged
Horn Handle
Solid Brass Furniture

Overall: 7-3/4 Inches Long
Blade Length: 3-1/4 Inches

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