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Greek Athens Gold Stater Coin

This reproduction Athens Gold Stater coin is a faithful replica of the original coin, molded directly from it. It's made from pewter and plated with 22ct gold. Packaged in a wallet-type packaging, the coin is held in place by a clear blister. The packaging features images of the Acropolis, the two coins in the collection, and additional Greek imagery. It also includes historical information about the coins and the rise and fall of the Ancient Greek empire.

The reproduction Athens Stater coin was minted during the great siege of Athens in 296 BC, using gold taken from the statue of Athena in the Parthenon. The obverse side of the coin depicts Athena, while the reverse side features an Athenian owl.

During the eighth century BC, Greece began to emerge from the Dark Ages. The Ancient Greeks inhabited mainland Greece, the Greek islands, and expanded into what is now Turkey and colonies scattered around the Mediterranean coast. They established city-states, each with its own government. Athens, Sparta, Corinth, and Olympia were among the largest city-states.

The Greeks' way of life influenced other cultures, with the Romans, for instance, adopting Greek art and gods. The Greeks experimented with democracy, initiated the Olympic Games, and made significant contributions to science, art, and philosophy.

Alexander the Great aimed to create a Greek empire encompassing much of the known world but died in 323 BC before achieving his goal. His empire was divided among his warring generals, leading to the preservation of many aspects of Greek culture in various kingdoms. However, these kingdoms eventually succumbed to the growing power of Rome.
These coins are NOT Gold.  They are plated to look like Gold. 

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