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WW II Replica Uniforms

World War II Camouflage

The use of camouflaged clothing by military forces is by no means a recent phenomenon. The practice of medieval huntsman wearing subdued shades of brown or green is well attested.

In the modern age of gunpowder, however, it could be said that the Germans were the pioneers in the use of uniforms with colors chosen for concealment, and as early as the 17th and 18th centuries. 

We are pleased to bring you a vast variety of authentically correct German and Russian patterns and post-war uniforms inspired by World War II originals.

We thank Mr. Daniel Peterson, Noted historian and author of 'Wehrmacht Camouflage Uniforms & Post - War Derivatives'. To help us develop and bringing us closer to the authentic line of world war camouflage.

U.S., Russian and German World War II Uniforms

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