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United States Military Swords

These swords are given of honor in the military fields. We sell to all the military with these swords of honor.

We are especially proud to bring you fully approved dress and drill sabers and swords made by the current government contractors. We know our fighting men ask for and deserve the very best. We would be equally proud to deliver to you any of the standard military dress sabers and swords used in the Armed Forces today. Each fine saber and sword is manufactured according to exacting government specifications by only a chosen few. All blades are high polished stainless steel, detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications. We guarantee that your military personnel, drill teams, students and graduates will be completely satisfied with these sabers and swords.

All are available in 28", 30", 32" and 34" lengths and include the government specified scabbards.

FAQ - How do I determine the right length of the sword?

Cup your hand, place your arm at your side, straight down. Measure from your palm to the the tip of your ear. This should give you the proper sword length.
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