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Medieval Tableware

We carry all the settings for any special Medieval Party or Wedding Table. We have Goblet, Chalices, and Candelabras.

Templar Knight Corkscrew by Marto

Templar Knight Corkscrew by Marto 56-M30020
Our Templar Knight Corkscrew by Marto makes an exquisite gift.
Price: $63.20

The Alchemist Shot Glass

The Alchemist Shot Glass Alchemy 17-CWT47
Even an ageless figure like the legendary Alchemist likes to enjoy a nice spirit every now and then, and The Alchemist Shot Glass, touched by his likeness, makes the perfect vessel for him and others to enjoy their own favorite spirits.
Price: $21.95

The Alchemy of Beer Glass

The Alchemy of Beer Glass Alchemy 17-CWT52
The sigils on this Alchemy of Beer Glass symbolically represent the three primary reagents that combine to form the most venerable of brews! A mystic tribute to a good drink, this glass is a fun touch of fantasy to drink from.
Price: $33.00

The Wormsood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass

The Wormsood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass 17-ACWT9
The Wormwood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass is a decadent choice to use when you want to enjoy, neat, the gratifyingly creative delights of this distinctive drink.
Price: $44.00

Tin Dining Plate 51-5561

Tin Eating Plate 51-5561
Our Tin Dining Plate is made from heavy gauge tin. Historic design with rolled edges that reinforce the plate. Each Tin Dining Plate is handmade, completely food safe, and will work for time periods from the middle ages through US Civil War.
Price: $10.75

Trumpeter Barrel Stein

Trumpeter Barrel Stein
This Trumpeter Barrel Stein has a colorful design with a trumpeter and his horse playing a call with a castle in the background. A conical pewter lid completes the piece.
Price: $99.00

Trumpeter Stein

Trumpeter Stein
This Trumpeter Stein has a classic, antiqued green and cream decoration. Opposite the handle is a trumpeter with his horse and a castle in the background. A conical pewter lid completes the stein.
Price: $190.00

United States Eagle Glass Horn

United States Eagle Glass Horn
This United States Eagle Glass Horn features a USA eagle etching surrounded by beautifully detailed scrolling patterns. Each horn is made by hand-etching into a thin layer of rich, transparent blue colored glass which encases clear glass below. 
Price: $225.00

Viking Drinking Horn

Viking Drinking Horn 801884
This Viking Drinking Horn is the ultimate in Norse feast ware; a drinking horn made of real antler! This impressive drinking horn is made by the expert metalsmiths at Windlass Steelcrafts using fine, nickel free pewter and plated in real silver.
Price: $95.00

Wedding Dance Stein 143-3240

Wedding Dance Stein 143-3240
Here is our Wedding Dance Stein. This is a variation of a Thewalt antique, in which a beautifully detailed dancing wedding pair appears in raised-relief on the body and replicated in three-dimensional figural format as a pewter figurine on the pewter lid.
Price: $365.75

Wings of Love Champagne Glass

Wings of Love Champagne Glass Alchemy CWT54
Ardent emotion can send your heart aflutter when you are in the presence of your beloved. Offer a toast to the object of your affections with the Wings of Love Champagne Flute as you celebrate your years of passion and devotion. 
Price: $38.00

Wyverex Pils Goblet

Wyverex Pils Goblet 17-AAG29
Our Wyrverex Pils Goblet features one of legend's best known dragons, Wyrverex. The Wyverex Pils Goblet is engraved with a Wyverex dragon.
Regular Price: $70.00
On Sale For: $63.00

XXX Black Rose Ale Glass

XXX Black Rose Ale Glass Alchemy 17-CWT48
A nice pint is sometimes just what you need to relax after a long day. The XXX Black Rose Ale Glass holds an imperial pint and is badged with a cast pewter accent to create a glass that will appeal to and intrigue all ale aficionados.
Price: $35.00
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