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Functional Gauntlets and Bracers

Most Medieval Re-enactment groups, such as the SCA require you to have Functional Gauntlets and Arm Bracers that meet their requirements. Our steel armour has been designed to suit the needs of these medieval period re-enactors, stage and theater as well as other re-enactment societies.

While learning to sword fight, with blunted steel swords, for my second lesson I wore a pair really thick leather gauntlets, instead of steel gauntlets. Blunt swords right…no problem. Well 20 some odd years later, I still have a nice scar on my thumb to remind me to ALWAYS wear steel gauntlets!

Most of our functional steel gauntlets are individually hand crafted. Some gauntlets can be constructed to your preference of 14, 16 or 18-gauge steel, making them battle ready. Some gauntlets and bracers can be custom made to your measurements for a perfect fit. These functional gauntlets and arm bracers can be used for either Display or for SCA, Live Steel and Stage.

In our steel gauntlet section we carry medieval mitten gauntlets, finger gauntlets and chain mail gauntlets. Half gauntlets work nicely with SCA basket hilted rattan. We have steel medieval arm bracers and some fantasy - Elven style bracers and gauntlets.
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