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Decorative Dark Age and Fantasy Helmets

Decorative Dark Age and Fantasy Helmets - Hybrid Helms made from tough Polyurethane that will not rust, dent or corrode. These helms weigh in at around a pound and a half each! Including, Elven Helmets, Celtic Fantasy Helmets, Historic and Fantasy Spangenhelms, and Sutton Hoo Helmets
These items take 4-12 weeks construction time.

LARP Celtic Fantasy Spangenhelm

LARP Celtic Fantasy Spangenhelm DC-614
The LARP Celtic Fantasy Spangenhelm is a Celtic designed spangenhelm with cheeks and nasal.
Price: $273.00

LARP Eastern Spangenhelm

LARP Eastern Spangenhelm DC-419
The LARP Eastern Spangenhelm is a Pointed steel and leather-effect Helm complete with nasal and chin strap. Available with or without plume.
Price: $244.92

LARP Elven Helmet

LARP Elven Helmet DC-639
The LARP Elven Helmet is designed to compliment our Elven body armour, greaves and bracers.
Price: $216.84

LARP Fantasy Spangenhelm

LARP Fantasy Spangenhelm DC-405
The LARP Fantasy Spangenhelm is a Leather and steel effect dome with celtic knotwork nasal. With integral matching plume holder.
Price: $244.92

LARP Leather Beowulf Helmet

LARP Leather Beowulf Helmet DC-710
A stunning LARP Leather effect Beowulf Helmet inspired by the heroic saga. Helmet features a 'spectacle' face mask, knotwork embellished brow band and hinged cheek pieces.
Price: $273.00

LARP Mongol Helmet

LARP Mongol Helmet DC-701
The LARP Mongol Helmet comes with leather effect edged cheek pieces, complete with fixing thong.
Price: $207.48

LARP Plain Spangenhelm

LARP Plain Spangenhelm DC-402
The LARP Plain Spangenhelm has a fitted nasal and cheek pieces, complete with fixing thong. Available with or without horsehair plume.
Price: $216.84

LARP Spangenhelm

LARP Spangenhelm DC-397
LARP Spangenhelm with nasal, backflap and leather effect edged cheek pieces. Fastening thong included.
Price: $254.28

LARP Spangenhelm with Nasal Bar

LARP Spangenhelm with Nasal Bar DC-470
The LARP Spangenhelm with Nasal Bar is a Plain dome Spangenhelm. Available in steel or rust finish. Complete with straps.
Price: $188.76

LARP Sutton Hoo Helmet DC-411

LARP Sutton Hoo Helmet DC-411
Our LARP Sutton Hoo Helmet is a reproduction of the Anglo Saxon Sutton Hoo helmet. With red detail in eyebrows.
Price: $404.04
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