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Sundial Jewelry

Our Sundial Jewelry allows you to reconnect with the earth and tell time naturally using the sun and stars.

In this high paced Information Age we live busy lives, often too busy racing the clock. We are striving to reconnect us all to the present moment and the universe, by reconnecting us to the sun and stars for an enjoyable way of telling time.

Throughout history, cultures around the globe have measured time in conjunction with the sun and stars. Sundials were created to segment hours and measure not only the time which passed, but also the quality of how those hours were being lived. For centuries sundials were carried by shepherds, mariners and explorers to chart the hours of the day and night. Sundials have been used by King Henry II, George Washington and most recently Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gates. Now you can have one too, for fun, fashion, romance, intrigue and a new ancient way to tell time.
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