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Steampunk and Gothic Rings & Earrings

Our Steampunk and Gothic Rings and Earrings come in every design from poison rings, standard rings, and two-finger rings, single earrings, and pairs.

Roseus Pentagram Ring

Roseus Pentagram Ring 17-R23
The Roseus Pentagram Ring features a classic black enameled pentagram, highly polished, and flanked with Alchemical roses of wisdom. This Gothic ring is hand cast from fine English pewter for a great gleaming look. 
Price: $33.00

Ruination Skull Ring

Ruination Skull Ring Pewter Alchemy R174
Does this skull bring ruin, or is its name a reference to its own ruined state of being? None can say for sure, but what is certain is that this Ruination Skull Ring is a dramatic accessory that goth guys and girls can to enjoy.
Price: $37.00

Runeband Ring

Runeband Ring Pewter Alchemy R173
Nordic culture revered battle, finding a distinctive pleasure and beauty in combat that baffled many other peoples of their day. With the Runeband Ring, we see runes that recite a mantra fit for a Norse warrior. 
Price: $21.50

Seraph of Light Earrings

Seraph of Light Earrings Pewter Alchemy E351
The radiance of the winged dome's soft glow emanates from the intrinsic fire of a Seraph, the celestial angels ordained to bestow charity and to protect God's throne. 
Price: $48.00

Serket Earring

Serket Earring Pewter Alchemy E308
Are you protected from the sting of a scorpion? Such is the power of the scorpion and its venom that even the ancient Egyptians had a goddess for stinging, and with the Serket Single Stud Earring, you can wear her symbol as a stinger through your ear.
Price: $22.50

Serpents Eye Earrings

Serpents Eye Earrings Pewter Alchemy E336
Symbolically, serpents are seen as wise, with associations of alchemy, medicine, and poison. Follow the symbolism or take these earrings literally. Either way, the Serpent's Eye Earrings are sure to impress in a variety of ways.
Price: $45.00

Shadow of Death Ring

Shadow of Death Ring Pewter Alchemy R105
The Shadow of Death Ring features a large, deep burgundy, faceted Swarovski crystal mounted in a circle of ivy-grown skulls. Our gothic rings are hand cast and made in England from fine English pewter and in many cases, including other high quality materials and finishes. 
Price: $33.00

She Walks In Beauty Earrings

She Walks In Beauty Earrings Pewter Alchemy E315
Sometimes it is all in the name. For instance, one can say that when a woman dons these She Walks in Beauty Earrings, she will indeed do just that, making them an integral element for any lovely gothic lady to feature in her attire.
Price: $49.00

Shredder's Axe Faux Piercing Earring

Shredder's Axe Faux Piercing Earring Pewter Alchemy E348
An undeniably aggressive instrument of speed and passion, impaling the ear of the dedicated metalhead. One cannot help but flaunt the enormous Guitar Earring and claimed it!
Price: $23.00

Skeleton Earrings

Skeleton Earrings Pewter Alchemy E9
The Skeleton Earrings are miniature skeletons of the last remains of master and slave alike. Their realistic look makes them a perfect design that is ideally suited to adding some deathly appeal to your gothic ensemble.
Price: $14.25

Skellimation Earrings

Skellimation Earrings Pewter Alchemy E341
Dancing to the tune of eternal freedom, this foolish figure flouts the seriousness of mortal life. The Skellimation Earrings offers a playful skeleton that will swing back and forth cheerfully as you move about. 
Price: $18.50

Skully Earrings

Skully Earrings Pewter Alchemy E343
The bone-headed, hollow-eyed appearance of the curious skull in these earrings offers an unusual take on the spooky icon. The Skully Earrings provide a friendly twist to a look that you can enjoy during Halloween or all year long! 
Price: $17.00

Spike Cuff Earring

Spike Cuff Earring Pewter Alchemy E221
The Spike Cuff Earring is a classic design that fits nicely into almost any gothic ensemble. This round earring echoes modern gothic style, featuring spikes aplenty so that you can add a bit of edge to your own ensemble.
Price: $17.00

Starchaser Dragon Ring

Starchaser Dragon Ring Pewter Alchemy R190
Gliding gracefully between the clouds, this fantastical creature flies to snatch up the stars from the night sky! This Starchaser Dragon Ring definitely succeeds in stealing a mote of light from the sky for your ensemble.
Price: $28.00

Steamhead Gearpunk Ring

Steamhead Gearpunk Ring Pewter Alchemy R186
Behold, the first punk automaton! This surreal Steamhead Gearpunk Ring is a combination of steampunk and gothic style, featuring a cranial opening that reveals the innermost workings of this unique and intriguing steampunk phenomenon. 
Price: $67.00

Swallow Studs Earrings

Swallow Studs Earrings Pewter Alchemy ULFE4
The swallow is a beautiful bird with a sleek, nimble, and elegant form, while also being symbolic of care, love, and loyalty. These Swallow Stud Earrings are an attractive accessory that allows you to wear this avian creature.
Price: $15.50

Sylvanus Earring Wrap

Sylvanus Earring Wrap Pewter Alchemy E263
In Roman mythology, Sylvanus was the god of the woods. This Sylvanus Earring Wrap takes not only his name but also inspiration from his sphere, creating an accessory that combines leaves with gothic fashion to rather beautiful effect.
Price: $26.00

Tattoo Gun Stud Earrings

Tattoo Gun Stud Earrings Pewter Alchemy ULFE3
Just as an artist has appreciation for the brush or a writer for the pen, a tattoo enthusiast can now show their love for the gun. These Tattoo Gun Stud Earrings are an urban take on gothic jewelry, perfect for any edgy look. 
Price: $15.00

Temptation Ear Wrap Earring

Temptation Ear Wrap Earring Pewter Alchemy E234
The Temptation Ear Wrap Earring draws on the Garden of Eden to create a unique gothic accent. This single earring takes the devilish and tempting serpent and transform it into an accent that you can wear right upon your ear. 
Price: $27.00

The Alchemist Horn Earring

The Alchemist Horn Earring Pewter Alchemy E319
The skull of the legendary Alchemist himself smiles from the tip of this impressive accent. The Alchemist Horn Ear Stud is a fine accent for any eccentric or classical goth to wear, allowing them to bring a touch of medieval alchemy to their attire. 
Price: $17.10

The Black Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap

The Black Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap Pewter Alchemy E274B
Some have an angel to sit on their shoulder, while others have a devil. You can have your own beast too, by putting on The Black Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap. It will place a sibilant serpent over your shoulder that will whisper into your ear. 
Price: $28.50

The Devil's Guitar Earrings

The Devils Guitar Earrings Peweter Alchemy ULFE19
The crossroads are an infamous location, noted by many who might want to make a deal with the devil for greater gain. Luckily, you do not have to sell your soul to enjoy the devilish style of these Devil's Guitar Earrings.
Price: $27.00

The Dogaressa's Last Love Ring

The Dogaressa's Last Love Ring Pewter Alchemy R199
This token of forlorn devotion from the Lady of the palace in Renaissance Venice makes a charming accessory for any style. The Dogaressa Last Love Ring features an ornate design that suspends a blue Swarovski crystal heart.
Price: $23.00

The Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap

The Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap Pewter Alchemy E274
Some have an angel to sit on their shoulder, while others have a devil. You can have your own beast too, by putting on The Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap. It will place a sibilant serpent over your shoulder that will whisper into your ear. 
Price: $27.50

The Great Wish Ring

The Great Wish Ring Pewter Alchemy R36
The Great Wish ring has a Latin inscription MEUS OPUS MAGNUS, or the Alchemical spiritual wish for The complete fulfillment of life. This Gothic ring is hand cast from fine English pewter for a magnificent gleaming look. 
Price: $20.00

The Harvester Ear Wrap

The Harvester Ear Wrap Pewter Alchemy E296
Never before has a mortal been so close to the Grim Reapers soultaker and not fell victim to its keen blade. The Harvester Ear Wrap takes the form of Deaths scythe, which has long-stood as a symbol for the end of mortal life. 
Price: $30.00

Thorny Cross Handspan Ring

Thorny Cross Handspan Ring Pewter Alchemy R192
A tangled trellis of vines forms the bars of this striking, large gothic cross. The Thorny Cross Handspan Ring is studded with blood red Swarovski crystals and a white, square crystal at the center point. 
Price: $48.00

Thor's Runehammer Ring

Thor's Runehammer Ring Pewter Alchemy R171
Mighty Thor was known as one of the greatest warrior-gods of the Norse pantheon, possessing strength beyond many other god-heroes of myth and legend. With the Thors Runehammer Ring, you can grasp a portion of his power. 
Price: $31.00

Tomb Skull Horn Earring

Tomb Skull Horn Earring Pewter
The skull is the classic symbol of death-metal and gothic style, and with this Tomb Skull Horn Earring added to your wardrobe, there is not one single attire you own that cannot benefit from having a grim skull to grin and look just over your shoulder. 
Price: $18.99

Tomb Skull Spike Earring

Tomb Skull Spike Earring Pewter Alchemy E323
The grim glare of a skull is the perfect complement to almost any gothic look, and this Tomb Skull Spike Earring offers not only that, but also the stylish illusion of having a stretched ear lobe as well, all in one versatile little accessory. 
Price: $19.75

Tor Dragon Earring

Tor Dragon Earring Pewter Alchemy E324
Some people have little angels hovering over their shoulders, and other have little devils. You? Well, if you are wearing this Traditional Tor Dragon Earring, you have neither. Instead, you have something much cooler as your guide, that thing being a dragon. 
Price: $22.25

Uncle Albert's Timepiece Ear Cuff

Uncle Albert's Timepiece Ear Cuff Pewter Alchemy E349
This intricate accessory uses accoutrements from the Victorian era as eye-catching decorations. The Steampunk Timepiece called Uncle Albert's Timepiece Ear Cuff can be ingeniously cuffed and pinned around the ear of a fortunate neo-Victorian dandy.
Price: $33.00

Vamp Gothic Ring

Vamp Gothic Ring Pewter Alchemy R152
The Vamp Ring shows subtle indication of a vampires affinity with crystallized fangs. An advantage of this pewter Vamp ring is that it does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance.
Price: $32.00

Venetian Vanity Ring

Venetian Vanity Ring Pewter Alchemy R168
Welcome to Carnival, where deception, intrigue, and mystery all go hand-in-hand as you participate in the masquerade of a lifetime. Make sure you wear your Venetian Vanity Ring as a part of your stunning ensemble. 
Price: $38.00

Victoria's Glad-Rocks Ring

Victoria's Glad-Rocks Ring Pewter Alchemy R161
The Victorias Glad-Rocks Ring shows a jewel to be seen in, on an especially dark and different night. This Gothic ring is hand cast from fine English pewter and in many cases, including other high quality materials and finishes.
Price: $35.00

Viking Virility Runering Ring

Viking Virility Runering Ring Pewter Alchemy R195
A bindrune is a type of rune that encompasses two or more runes to create a greater meaning. This Viking Virility Runering utilizes two such runes to channel positive effects that any warrior would wish to have.
Price: $21.00

Viperstone Ring

Thorny Cross Handspan Ring Pewter Alchemy R193
Usually the serpent is an ill-omen. Not so in the case of this Viperstone Ring! Carnelian stones like the one on this ring symbolize passion and desire, and this snake seeks to suffuse itself and its wearer with its energies.
Price: $25.00

Vis Viva Dragon Ring

Vis Viva Dragon Ring Pewter Alchemy R183
This ring is almost a force unto itself, possessing an impressive style and a level of detail that means it is bound to get noticed. When you wear the Vis Viva Dragon Ring, you will be sure to get noticed along with it. 
Price: $30.00

Westenra Spica Earrings

Westenra Spica Pewter Earrings Alchemy E289
Named for the lovely Lucy from Bram Stoker's Dracula, these earrings are an accessory worthy of nobility. Made from pewter and set with gorgeous stones, the Westenra Spica Earrings are beautiful, stylish, and timeless.
Price: $35.00

Whitby Wyrm Earrings

Whitby Wyrm Earrings Pewter Alchemy E279
The image of an English legend, the Whitby Wyrm Earrings are a subtle accent that allows you to sport a dose of dragon style whenever you want! Perfect for gothic and medieval styles, these earrings are a must for any enthusiast. 
Price: $13.50

Woodland Elf Ear Wrap

Woodland Elf Ear Wrap
Woodland Elf Ear Wrap in pewter. An elf’s ear, disposed to the natural surroundings of such a creature, in the form of a Victorian gothic fantasy of swirling, verdant flourishes. Left Ear, Right Ear or Pair.
Price: $29.50

Wraith Spine Earring

Wraith Spine Earring Pewter Alchemy E321
Do you ever wonder if you have a devil on your shoulder, whispering into your ear? Well, when you wear this Wraith Spine Earring, that question is answered, and it is an answer that is plain for all to see, thanks to this earrings style. 
Price: $22.50

Wyverex Dragon Earring

Wyverex Dragon Earring Pewter Alchemy E175
The Wyverex Dragon Earring is based on a rare medieval beast of proven origins and powerful influence. Wearing one allows you to claim this powerful beast as your own, to show off as a part of your appearance whenever you please. 
Price: $12.50

Wyverex Dragon Signet Ring

Wyverex Dragon Signet Ring Pewter Alchemy R154
The Wyverex Dragon Signet Ring shows a guardian of a vampire nest. The dragon is encapsulated in polished black enamel. An advantage of this dragon ring is that it does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous look. 
Price: $33.00
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