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Women Plus Size Underwear

We have a great selection that consists of women's plus size underwear. Medieval underwear that can be worn in the privacy of your own home. They go great with our chemises and skirts. We carry a good variety of women's plus sizes that you can wear to Medieval faires, Renaissance events, Medieval weddings, special occasions and SCA events. Try out our top quality Medieval and Renaissance style women plus size underwear.

Bell Sleeved Chemise

Bell Sleeved Chemise
A lovely chemise with large bell shaped sleeves for a variety of Renaissance and Medieval style outfits.
Price: $67.00

Celtic Chemise

Celtic Chemise MG-2504
The Celtic Chemise was worn under Medieval clothing to keep the outer clothing cleaner. Our well-made Celtic chemise has long sleeves and ties. Hand wash.
Price: $82.88

Celtic Chemise DK-CC

Celtic Chemise DK-CC
Similar to the Classic Chemise, the Celtic Chemise has sleeves gathered with trim. 100% cotton muslin and machine washable, Chemise has very full long sleeves. Drawstring neckline.
Price: $75.00

Child's Crop Top

Child's Crop Top VL-CCTOP
Our Child's Crop Top is made of cotton, ten colors to Choose from, and is cooler than a traditional chemise for your young faire-goer.
Price: $29.00

Classic Chemise

Classic Chemise
The Classic Chemise is worn under all garments like a medieval slip. 100% cotton muslin, machine washable, this chemise has very full long sleeves. Drawstring neckline so you can show as much cleavage as you like.
Price: $51.00

Contesa Chemise

Contesa Chemise
The Contesa Chemise is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable. This chemise has very full and long sleeves, one size fits most.
Price: $65.00

Crop Top Chemise

Crop Top Chemise
Our Crop Top is made of cotton, designed to wear on the shoulders or off (pictured.) Wear it under your bodice or corset for faire as a lightweight alternative to a chemise, then with your jeans as you walk down the street.
Price: $35.00

Decorative Celtic Chemise VL-DCCHEMISE

Decorative Celtic Chemise VL-DCCHEMISE
This Decorative Celtic Chemise is made of 100% cotton muslin and machine washable. This chemise with a drawstring neckline has very full and long sleeves with metallic trim sewn down the sleeves. This chemise is only thigh-length, making it a great option for hot summer days! One size fits all.
Price: $75.00

Long Sleeve Blouse 146-BLOUSE

Long Sleeve Blouse 146-BLOUSE
The Long Sleeve Blouse features a gathered neckline and full sleeved with elastic gathered cuffs. One size fits most.
Price: $50.00

Muslin Underdress or Chemise

Muslin Underdress 100104
This underdress, or chemise, is made from 100% cotton muslin with elastic wrist gathers and a drawstring neck, that can be worn on or off the shoulder.
Price: $55.00

Petticoat Skirt DK-GS

Petticoat Skirt DK-GS
Wear one, two or three, of our Petticoat Skirt . 100% cotton lightweight enough to be comfortable. During the Renaissance any woman who could afford more than one would flaunt it!
Price: $50.00

Renaissance Cotton Bloomers

Renaissance Cotton Bloomers VL-BL
Our Renaissance Cotton Bloomers have a drawstring waist band, are made of cotton, and elastic ruffled cuffs just below the knee. They help keep you cool in hot Faire weather. Variety of colors!
Price: $44.00

Renaissance Gauze Petticoat

Renaissance Gauze Petticoat TT-318
Designed to fit from a 20 inch waist to a 80 inch waist, one size fits all. Made of 100% cotton, these drawstring skirts are lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn everyday.
Price: $74.00

Split Arm Medieval Chemise VL-SACHEMISE

Split Arm Medieval Chemise
Our Split-Arm Chemise is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable. Drawstring neckline, one size fits all. Recommended for wear with all of our medieval or renaissance gowns.
Price: $70.00
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