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Ritter Steel Two Hand Swords

Ritter Steel Two Hand Swords
Medieval, Renaissance and Scottish Two Hand Swords From Rittersteel.

The RitterSteel® "Authentics™" Collection is an incredible collection of medieval weaponry which look like they came right out of a museum or castle. Craftsman faithfully reproduce these functional ancient weapons of the Medieval Age and earlier with some of the same methods as were used to produce the originals. The "Authentics™" collection would make any collector proud to own, and at a surprisingly affordable price.

Great German Landsknecht Sword - Over 6 FT. TALL

Great German Landsknecht Sword RS2630
Great German Landsknecht Sword, Over 6 FT. TALL! ... that's an incredible 75'' and so ''Authentic'' this Medieval German Landsknecht Sword rivals the ones found in museums.
Price: $878.00

Great Scottish Claymore Sword

Great Scottish Claymore Sword
Our fully functional RitterSteel® Scottish claymore sword is a true masterpiece! Each sword is individually made with a thick and solid hand-forged carbon steel blade uniting with a pommel and guard hand cast of solid glistening brass.
Price: $655.00

Scottish Claymore Great Sword Steel RS2802

Scottish Claymore Great Sword Steel RS2802
Finally, a Great Scottish Claymore for all those modern Scots who long to have a Battle Ready and Functional Scottish Great Claymore Sword in a Steel Version!
Price: $575.00

The William Wallace Claymore Sword

The William Wallace Claymore Sword RS2014
For the brave of heart, the blade on the William Wallace Claymore Sword is 2" wide and 42" long.
Price: $499.00
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