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Lord of The Ring Accessories

We have a wide range of Lord of the Ring costumes, Lord of the Ring masks and wigs. Our Lord of the Ring costumes include men costumes, women costumes and children costumes. We also have Lord of the Ring wigs to go along with our Lord of the Ring Costumes. Lord of the Ring arms and Lord of the Ring masks will give you that official Lord of the Ring character look during Halloween or that Lord of the Ring party. We have many Lord of the Ring character costumes such as Gimli, Aragon, Gollum, Ringwraith, Saruman, Orcs, Frodo, Hobbits, Arwen, Gandalf and Legolas.

Elven Ear Glue

Elven Ear Glue 65-4-7
Our Elven Ear Glue is the best thing to attach your ear tips to your ears. Use 1 drop per ear only. Can also be used for anything else you care to attach to your skin such as facial hair, warts, scars, etc.
Price: $35.00

Elven Ears Latex

Elven Ears 65-4-6
Our Elven Ears are the perfect accessory to your Lord of the Rings, Inheritence Cycle, or LARP Costume. Ears are made of high quality latex and skintone can be adjusted with make-up.
Price: $50.00

Elven Leaf Clasp - Lord of the Rings

Elven Leaf Clasp - Lord of the Rings 38-19984
This Elven Leaf Clasp or Brooch is an officially licensed Lord of the Rings item.
Price: $5.99

Gandalf the Grey Hat

Gandalf the Grey Hat
This Gandalf the Grey Hat features internal wires to help keep it's shape and an adjustable liner to fit most adults. Beard and wig not included.
Price: $19.90

The One Ring

The One Ring 26-800822
The elvish script on "The One Ring" is deeply engraved into the bronze ring and plated in 24K gold. The outside reads "One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them"™ and on the inside reads "One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them"™.
Price: $52.00
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