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The Fetter Lane Sword - 8th Century Saxon Sword,Saxon Long Sword
This highly detailed sword recreates the fine swords available to champions, chieftains and kings of the late 8th Century and is closely based on the surviving components of the prized Fetter Lane sword which is part of the collection of the British Museum.
Roosebeck 6/8 Lute String Set

Throughout history lutes have typically had gut strings. Lute strings today, however, are nylon made with high precision instruments. The rectified nylon strings in the Roosebeck set are known for their warmer tone and lightly textured feel.

Roosebeck 6-Course Lute - Sheesham
This 6 course lute features a bowl constructed of 13 sheesham staves. The scale length is 600 mm. Materials: The neck, bowl, nut, bridge, and end pin are sheesham. The peg box is sheesham. The soundboard is spruce.
Replica Old West Coach Shotgun - Non Firing ,Old West Double Barreled Stagecoach Shotgun Non Firing FD1115
The term ''Coach gun'' was coined in 1858 when stagecoaches  issued shotguns to its drivers for defense along the perilous 2,800 mile route
MP40 Non-Firing Replica WWII Submachine Gun - With Sling,MP40 Non-Firing Replica German WWII Submachine Gun FD1111
The MP40 Submachine Gun was used by crack Waffen SS, tank crews and German Paratroop (Fallschirmj√§ger) units throughout WWII and well known to US G.I.'s. A classic Non-Firing Replica German WWII Military Collectible.
18th Century Pirate Pistol - Italian - Non-Firing Replica,18th Century Pirate Pistol - Brass - Non-Firing Replica
18th century Italian Blunderbuss pistol features a replica percussion firing mechanism. It is constructed of a complete wood stock and offers metal construction on the lock, the engraved barrel and a pirate deign on the butt plate.
18th Cen. Colonial Dueling Pistol Set - Non-Firing Replica,18th Century Flintlock Pistol - Grey - Non-Firing FD1102G
This attractive 18th century replica dueling pistol is offered in an inspiring presentation box as a set. The originals of these particular flintlock pistols were made in England in the 18th century. This non-firing version is accurately detailed a great costume or conversation piece.
Retay EAGLE L Blank Pistol Black
Retay Eagle L has a synthetic frame model. It's single action, has a manual safety mechanism and is semi automatic. It has a eighteen magazine capacity. It can fire gas and signal blank ammunition.
Kentucky Rifle Replica - Non Firing,Kentucky Long Rifle Non Firing Version
The Kentucky Rifle is a shorter version of the Kentucky Long Rifle. These are similar to the prototype M1803 rifles carried on the Lewis & Clark Expedition.
1896 C96 Mauser Pistol Replica - Non-Firing
Reproduction of the Broom Handle Mauser Pistol with Wood Grip from 1896. Also known under a variety of other names, including C96, M96, Bolo, P-7.63, Broomhandle, Mauser.
Retay EAGLE X Blank Pistol Chrome
Retay EAGLE X Blank Pistol Chrome Finish. Blank gun from Retay Arms with single action, manual safety mechanism, semi-automatic action. Blank firing pistol offers 18 mag capacity 9mm p.a.k. Fires blanks.
Retay PT24 Blank Pistol Chrome Finish
Retay PT24 Blank Pistol Chrome Finish. The Retay PT24 is a well known designed model. Semi automatic, medium size, plastic frame, double safety system as manual slide, key safety. Used in training by police and special forces.
Crossbow Lever - Medieval Goat's Foot
This Crossbow Lever or Medieval Goat's Foot is handmade from blackened steel and is used for spanning a crossbow. Most medieval crossbowmen used this mechanical spanning aid.
4-Ring Colonial Mug,White Stoneware Drinking Mug
This 4-ring Colonial Mug was widely used by folks of all types during the Colonial era. This handsome tan mug bears 4 decorative rings and a salt glaze as was used in colonial times. 16 oz.
White Colonial Thistle Mug,White Stoneware Drinking Mug
This thistle design was used by the British, Scottish and their descendants in Colonial America, including such groups as Roger's Rangers. This 16 oz. mug features a white Bristol Glaze and colonial blue markings.
German Longsword with Twisted Wood Grip - Stage Combat Version,Renaissance Twisted Grip Longsword,Twisted Two Hand Renaissance Sword
This German Longsword has a blade crafted from EN45 high carbon steel. The hilt is blackened steel and the grip is carved wood. The wood-core scabbard is overlaid in leather and completed with blackened metal fittings.
Traditional Ironwood Bokken with pronounced Hi and Kisakki
The Ironwood Bokken with pronounced Hi and Kisakki is made from Kamagong, a very dense hard wood which makes great Bokkens for use in Iaido, Kendo and Aikido.
Ironwood Bokken with Polished Tsuba, Habakkuk, Fuchi and Kashira
This beautiful Brand New Bokken comes with a polished Steel Tsuba, Habaki, Fushi and Kashira which just adds to the unique look. This Bokken comes with a pronounced HI (Top spine of the blade) and Kissaki (Tip).
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