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AC/DC: Logo Stud Earrings
Taken from the cover of AC/DC's 1977 ''Let There Be Rock'' album. A pair of, English pewter, stud earrings using the classic AC/DC lightning bolt logo.
David Bowie: Flash Stud Earrings
This Lightning bolt logo design based-on David Bowie's early 1970s aesthetic. Antiqued English pewter stud earrings. They are sold as a matched pair.
David Bowie - Flash Pendant
This Lightning bolt logo design based-on David Bowie's early 1970s aesthetic. An antiqued English pewter pendant on 21'' trace chain.
Alchemist Skull - with Black Rose
The life-size replica of the actual skull of the renowned philosopher - The Alchemist with it's 'gold canine tooth', and complete with his symbolic Black Rose of the Opus Magus.
AC/DC: Rock Or Bust Pendant
This AC/CD pendant is from the 2014 adaptation of the iconic AC/DC logo, from the sleeve of their album ''Rock Or Bust''.
Leather Gloves - Large
Leather Gloves Large Size. The long-cuff construction of these supple, black leather gauntlets has been seen throughout the ages. A great addition to any reenactment look.
Witch Hunter Coat - Black
This long open front Witch Hunter coat is made for battle. Heavy-duty tight black cotton denim, 3/4 sleeves and side slits make it great for events or just looking cool.
Brown Felt and Leather Cap
A hybrid style, a blend of military and casual, the Brown Felt and Leather Cap is an eye catcher! Hand made in the US.
Norsman War Belt
This adaptable Norseman belt is made of soft, interlaced leather. Features a distressed finish on the outside. Fits 34 to 42 in waist.
Medieval Single Hand Sword
Our Functional Medieval Single Hand Sword has an ornate pommel with cross design and steel guard. Functional Battle Ready Swords designed for live steel combat. Can be sharpened.
Medieval Chastity Belt
Our all steel Medieval Chastity-Belt is fully functional and can be worn. This Chastity-Belt does not include a lock but is perfect for a display piece.
Crecy War Dagger
Double-edged War Dagger has a 1065 high carbon steel blade tempered to a low 50s RC. Battle-hardened finish with a blue patina and peened full tang. Matching scabbard. Overall length 15 inches.
Double Headed Axe
Our Double Headed Axe has a heavy hand forged axe head from carbon steel, hardwood handle.
Fencing Side Sword by Kingston Arms
Kingston Arms Blunt Fencing Side Sword. Designed for safe use in fencing practice, the Renaissance Side Sword provides a realistic fencing simulator to the renaissance period HEMA practitioner.
LARP Long Bow
Used as effective weapon during LARP battles, this English style Long Bow has a fiberglass core with a wood laminate surface. This LARP safe bow is a must for any medieval archer wishing to better their game.
Aspen Walking Staff
Our Aspen Walking Staff is 55 inches Long. They are finished with lacquer and fitted with a leather thong and a steel-reinforced neoprene rubber tip.
Replica Soviet WWII PPSh-41 SMG - Non Firing - With Sling
This Russian select fire sub-machine gun saw heavy use during WWII and continued use through Vietnam by other communist bloc countries. Our replica is all metal and wood.
Mail Haubergeon Round and Alternating Flat Ring Riveted Aluminum
Our Mail Haubergeon Riveted Aluminum is a Code 12 - alternating flat ring, short sleeve mail shirt that reaches mid thigh. 10mm inner diameter, 16 gauge Dome Riveted Aluminum Rings.
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