Measurement chart - sword scabbards

Please measure using a caliper and a tape measure. Put down the data in millimeters if possible (example: 6a-45mm, 6b-5mm, ...). Millimeters are more precise. You can send this form to us vie email or you can print out this chart and fill in the left column either mail or fax it to us.
blade width at the guard
blade thickness at the guard
blade width in the middle of the blade
blade width 10cm distant from the point
overall blade length (from the guard to the point)

guard shape: you can put down just the model number of our sword (example: SA3227) or take a picture of the guard. Another possibility is to trace it on a sheet of paper and send it to us. If the guard shape is straight, you can leave this section blank.


desired belt length, max. 59 inches (if applicable)
desired belt width (if applicable)


color of the leather (black, dark brown, light brown, natural leather color, blue, green and red). Attention! Colors may differ. Every leather hide reacts with the dye in a slightly different way and no two colors will be the same.
R / L
are you a right-handed (R) or left-handed (L)?
circumference of your body, where you will wear the scabbard belt. This will determine where we punch out the buckle holes in the belt. (if applicable)

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